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Mistakes Made In Job Interviews

Since no two interviews are alike, it is difficult to be prepared for what lies ahead, but you can focus on your presentation skills, which may be even more important than what you have to say. Three areas of performance, which should be considered dangerous and deadly, are worth spending some time thinking about before your next interview.

1. Poor non-verbal communication image

It’s about demonstrating confidence –

– Stand straight, and make good eye contact. (Note the color of the interviewer’s eyes.)

– Connect with a good, firm handshake. (There’s nothing like a limp response in a handshake.)

– Sit erect and lean forward in the chair, appearing interested and attentive. (Slumping denotes a lazy attitude.)

That first impression can be a great beginning, or a quick ending to your interview.

2. Poor verbal communication skills

Your interviewer is giving you information, either directly or indirectly.

– Good communication skills include listening and letting the person know you heard what they said.

– Observe your interviewer’s style and pace and match that style, adjusting your style and pace

Tips to Pick the Right Career

Many individuals spend months or even years not happy with their careers. Some may take any available job while others may follow in their parents footsteps. This may work out for some but many others never discover their true career skills and are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Careful career planning is essential in fulfilling one’s job search that will give years of work enjoyment and satisfaction. If you are going to work it might as well be something you like to do and skilled at doing. Knowing what your skills are and what you are good at is the starting point in choosing the right career. You will unlikely be completely satisfied in your career unless you use the skills you enjoy and are good at.

Ask yourself some questions such as : What interests do I have? What sorts of people would I like to work with?

Don’t confuse an ideal job with a job title. You might enjoy working in one place and hate working in another. Both could have the same job title but be entirely different jobs.

Let’s say you

Quit Your Job Before Finding a New One, Should You?

Are you unhappy with your current job? Whether you are unsatisfied with your pay, with your position, with your supervisors, or with your coworkers, you may be interested in seeking employment elsewhere. If you are interested in finding a new job, do you have a plan of action? If you not, you will want to continue reading on.

Of course, the decision to quit your job, as well as when and how you do so, is your decision to make. With that in mind, it is important to not put yourself, your family, or your finances in danger. That is why you should not quit your job until you at least have a plan of action in place. For many individuals, that plan of action should include a new job already lined up.

When it comes to leaving the workplace, there are many individuals who wonder why it is so important for them to first have a new job lined up. In today’s society, it has been reported that a good percentage of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. If you are one of those individuals, do

Online Teaching Is an Awesome Service

Online teaching

This teaching support proves very useful to students. The students will get lots of benefit from it. It is a great medium through which students will get the standard education and learning. These web-based students help students towards reaching their goals.

Online teaching services very much useful for students. The students on the internet are very much obvious about their ideas. These usually use many new kinds of techniques that are very much beneficial to students. Moreover, these students offer many essential possibilities to students. The students usually get the necessary features to form them. So, it is very much essential in this feeling. Their types of studying are very easy and for that students can quickly catch that. This assists students in fixing their complex issues. This is very much useful in this feeling. The students can really take the advantages of these possibilities. These possibilities are very much essential for those who want a glowing profession in their lives. So, this is very much useful in this feeling. The students are also very much highly educated. Their method to teach is obvious and interesting.

The on

Things not To Do In Your Interview For Construction Jobs

Do not arrive late for your interview. Always allow enough time for traffic or train delays, as these mishaps cannot be avoided. It is better to turn up early and wait in a cafe than to be 10 minutes late.

Do not speak too quickly, mumble or be too quiet. You must speak clearly and project your voice to show you are confident and to ensure they can understand you. Your construction job search will not last long if this cannot be done properly.

Do not lie or hide information from them. If you get caught out, you will look bad and the construction recruiters will be able to spot you are lying.

Do not fidget or fiddle with anything on the desk, in your hands or play with your hair too much. This shows nerves and that you are not able to concentrate on the task in hand.

Do not slouch back in your chair and display a sense of aloofness. At the same time do not sit too far towards the interviewer and speak in their face. This negative body language will convey inappropriate aspects of your character and could ruin your

Management Competences in Find Job

If you are looking for a job, it is important to note what management competences will be required for the type of position you are looking for. E.g., if you are looking for a job that requires being in charge of many people, leadership and people skills will be the most important competences. Nevertheless, if the positions you are interested in involve reviewing many documents and other people’s work, the most important abilities will be attention to detail and follow up abilities.

Once you’ve identified what management competences are required for the jobs you want, it is important to increase your abilities in those areas. A book on management should help you identify what each competency entails, and let you know what to work on for each skill. Books like modern management (cram101 textbook outlines – textbook not included) are especially helpful because they will give you a broad idea of different skills required for management.

When you know what to learn to gain competences in your identified areas, spend some time focusing on each one. Giving yourself daily and weekly goals in your quest for skills will keep you on track. If you’re lucky, you’ve

Using The BIG Job Boards, Pros and Cons


Generalist job boards are a great place to begin the job search for a new job in accounting. Although they do cater for all industries, you do have the facility to search solely within accountancy. They provide many opportunities from a broad range of recruitment agencies and direct clients and allow you to compare the differences between the jobs all on one site. The beauty of these sites is there are so many opportunities to look through and compare.

Accounting Job Alerts
They let you set up job alerts for relevant accounting jobs so they can let you know about new opportunities as soon as they are registered online.

CV Database
Because the generalist job boards are larger than the niche sites, more recruiters will use the CV database and being registered will increase your chances of being contacted about potential accounting job opportunities.

They provide you with a wide range of locations, especially of interest if you are looking to re-locate. You can search through the various accounting jobs online in different locations comparing the salaries on offer and opportunities available.

Career Advice
Most generalist sites can also help you

Tips to Getting English Jobs in Korea

The economy of American nations is playing a huge role within the global market. On the other hand, its culture; tradition; and history are well known to almost all citizens within various global countries. Because of these reasons, English is among the most popular languages.

With the great number of individuals wanting to learn the dialect, the opportunity of obtaining English jobs is vast. Among the several countries, which are intent on studying it, is Korea. There have already been a lot of people who have acquired great teaching experience within this country. This is possible because they opted to look for a teaching job in reputable and well-known schools. Plus, they make sure that their contract is properly negotiated and written.

When choosing among different English jobs in Korea, it is important for you to consider your option carefully. Reading each of the school’s contract terms thoroughly will help you determine which one holds more edge. Make sure that your living and working conditions are included with the benefit coverage. You might also want to ask for references from the people that you know of; who have previous experience with a teaching job in the

Questions to Ask Yourself before Career Changes

1. Why do you want to change careers? Is the change sought for money, status, economy, or maybe boredom, office conflicts, or it is a desire to work in a different profession? Money is always an issue and in some cases must be the deciding factor; however, those individuals usually end up still unhappy with their career. Researching factors such as job expectations, stress levels, and hours you’ll spend on the job and the amount of expected travel to make sure your expectations are accurate. Lastly, examine your current options to see if there are any alternatives to making the change. Could you change your attitude on your current career? By setting new goals you may be able to you are improve your circumstances and positively manage career boredom or office politics.

2. Will this be the right job for you? Have you thought through what your day will be like? What skills you will be using? What will be expected of you in terms of skills, activities and responsibilities? Thoroughly research what the atmosphere and work environment will be like as well as what the job entails. Is this how you want to spend one third

Great Job Search Tips

1. Did you know Tuesday is the most productive day of the week? What does this mean to you as a job seeker? You can plan Tuesday as the day to network, to make appointments, reorganize job search files, or possibly re-touch on older leads. However you decide to spend your Tuesdays, make sure you take advantage of its’ natural productiveness in the work week.

2. Did you know that as many as 35% of employers are now using your credit report history as a means of judging personal responsibility, especially in occupations dealing directly with money? Something to think about and get in order before you begin your job search or at the least make sure you are aware of what others are finding when checking your credit history. Conducting a credit check on yourself might be a good idea.

3. Did you know you could research the current earnings rate for your new position using pay comparison internet sites and increase your negotiating power by being prepared and aware? A couple of helpful sites to search and compare pay per job, industry, or location include, or

4. Did you know

Hate Your Job, Do You?

Most millionaires are still working.

Now there are a lot of people who just cannot understand why someone who is worth millions of dollars is still working. Why? They have plenty of money. They don’t need to work.

They could be on the golf course every single day. They could be lying on the beach somewhere, sipping those drinks with the little umbrellas. They could even be on an exotic world cruise. Why in the world are they working when they don’t have to?

There are a great number of people who dream of having millions of dollars and not doing any work at all. They can see themselves spending their days just relaxing, finally done with that nasty four letter word, “work.”

One of the biggest reason people think that way is because they hate their job. So many feel like a slave to a company. They feel like all they do is simply make the company a lot of money while getting paid a meager salary.

And so, they go to work each day grumbling and complaining. They just put in their time. And, please don’t expect anything extra from them

Career Phases and Its Advice


This is where you start the career. To many people, this stage is not easy. Lack of experience causes lack of delivering the best works. As a result, self confidence may go down and you start to believe that your capability may not be enough. Especially if the working environment doesn’t support your learning to face problems.

Advice : Don’t shy and be eager to ask questions. Be polite when asking for explanation from colleague or supervisor on working details. Don’t forget to review and fix unfinished work. To be more solid, use extra time to learn your working area. If your background education doesn’t match with the job, taking courses outside the work will increase your capability.

Challenging, Want to try all

At this period, you start to skillfully finish the works as required by job description. Energy is high and you feel like want to do all projects. Be careful, don’t be too ambitious! The risk is you can be overloaded and worst is all deadlines are not achieved!

AdviceĀ : Take some control. Make priority list and finish all works. If you feel all works have been well done, ask