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Things not To Do In Your Interview For Construction Jobs

Do not arrive late for your interview. Always allow enough time for traffic or train delays, as these mishaps cannot be avoided. It is better to turn up early and wait in a cafe than to be 10 minutes late.

Do not speak too quickly, mumble or be too quiet. You must speak clearly and project your voice to show you are confident and to ensure they can understand you. Your construction job search will not last long if this cannot be done properly.

Do not lie or hide information from them. If you get caught out, you will look bad and the construction recruiters will be able to spot you are lying.

Do not fidget or fiddle with anything on the desk, in your hands or play with your hair too much. This shows nerves and that you are not able to concentrate on the task in hand.

Do not slouch back in your chair and display a sense of aloofness. At the same time do not sit too far towards the interviewer and speak in their face. This negative body language will convey inappropriate aspects of your character and could ruin your chances of any construction jobs you apply for.

Do not mention negative things about your previous employer or those you used to work with in your previous construction industry jobs.

Do not brag and be overly confident in the interview.

Do not be ignorant to the companies you are applying to or indeed the actually work you will be doing. Make sure you do your research prior to the interview so you are able to respond to any questions you are asked.

Do not bring up the topic of salary, benefits or holiday – this is something that should be discussed and decided at a later date.

Do not use slang words, make jokes or chew chewing gum. You want to try to remain professional at this stage of your construction job search.

By taking these very straightforward points into consideration, you will be sure to make your interview positive and effective. If you can perform well at this stage of the process, you will be sure to be offered the construction work you have applied for.